Best-In-Class Trucking Accessories

Outlaw Trucking Supply is a U.S. based company who takes pride in the quality products we make.  We are so confident in the individual products we deliver that we will replace the product if it fails. See the value and difference an Outlaw Trucking product can make!

We Make Quality Products

Shades or blue, green and red leather

Lots of Options Available

With sixteen standard colors and even more customized covers, colors, and patterns available, we have what you’re looking for!

A lady working on a sewing machine and making some design

Custom-Cut & Hand-Sewn

A heritage of handcrafted techniques coupled with high-quality materials and hardware result in products that are built to last.

A closeup look at two holes for buttons in the lether.

Easy to Install and Adjust

Our products are tailor made to fit specific rigs. Truck side mounting kits available in snaps, turnbuckles, or pull the dot fasteners.